Halloween Makeup 2017 Inspiration


Hello Everyone I must say even though I am 26 years old I honestly think I am more excited about Halloween now then I was when I was a child, worrying eh!? Lol… Anyway Lets crack on with this blog as I am so excited to share this with you. So if your anything like me then your a girls girl and I like to make my outfit and make up pretty with a a touch of scariness involved obviously HA! Okay so my top costume ideas are,

  1. Cheerleader (zombie)
  2. Nurse (cliché I know but its a great one for the make-up inspo)
  3. Day of the dead ( so the pretty diamonds around the eye and skull make up)
  4. Cat ( easy for a quick make up look and great for those make up girls whom are not as experienced)
  5. corpses Bride ( you can go all Tim Burton on the look or gory)
  6. Alice and wonderland character ( simple just add a little blood somewhere on the face)


So there’s some costume ideas Now lets talk about the Fun stuff….
So makeup!? Your thinking where the hell do I get face paint, blood or latex from!?


The answer is any where.. Asda do kits for kiddie make-up there absolutely fine to go purchase for creating a skull like face and also Claires accessories you have to love that store they have latex too, and any pound land or fancy dress shop!

You can even get face tattoos now so your simply sticking it on the face and of course following correct instructions

Latex is easy to use, you basically layer the latex on the skin then when its dry you can cut into the latex but of course you need to blend a foundation over the latex and add blood , do make sure your not allergic to latex though some of my clients are! so with the latex you can also add normal tissue paper and just layer it up to give a more bitten into look or whatever you are trying to achieve. ( always recommend using a sponge over latex for the blood and foundation or face paint)

So that is for the basic make up application and basic products if you are wanting to achieve a more real look I would recommend highly to shop at Screenface London this is a place you wouldn’t of heard of unless your a make up artist its where the pros shop!

If you are wanting a more real effect of blood I would buy the “Bloody marvellous liquid” Its blooooddy brilliant! I used it last year for Halloween its a real deep Red blood allot better then your cheap blood spray from pound land, Do head over and follow me on instagram as I will be posting story’s of me carrying out my zombie cheerleader look and show you guys how to use latex. I mean Screen face even have eye drops that are blood coloured they have kits too! One last thing you defiantly want in your Halloween makeup kit, prosthetic wax so special FX wax, £4.49 with party delights I have interlinked the link onto “prosthetic Wax” So that is going to give more definition to your wounds and you will be able to build the wound around the latex once again please be careful with latex its highly flammable, Wax is easier to work with when its warm


A finishing touch I like to create with cuts for Halloween is adding red glitter to the cuts I think it gives a spooky yet fun look, So there are my main tips for what you need to create these looks and some inspiration ideas!


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