Botox and filler at 27 should we!?



Hi beauty lovers, I apologise I haven’t posted for a while, all I can say is life gets in the way hey!

I cant actually believe I am 27 years old I do feel I should be more grown up, but I reckon everyone thinks this! I take great care in my appearance and my skincare routine as I strongly believe its so important if you want to have nice looking skin in your 40s 50s and so on…. I had been thinking about botox for a long time but knew I didn’t really have a deep enough line on my forehead to warrant paying £150 plus for this treatment and filler well its not all for woman in their late 40s and 50s anymore its becoming more popular with girls in their 20s, as botox can be carried out as a preventive to help delay future wrinkles! I decided to go ahead with two treatments filler and botox, Dr Yalda was so professional and such a gorgeous woman she explained everything I needed to know I felt completely comfortable to ask away questions and voice my concerns, I went for 1.2ml (0.6ml each side) in my cheeks which is the lowest amount of filler you can get as of course I haven’t had this treatment before and the last thing I wanted was for my cheeks to look super unnatural, I just simply wanted a little more of a lift, I must say as shallow as this may sound my highlighter looks amazing now I have had the filler, the needle went in I was a little scared as im the worlds biggest baby when it comes to anything painful but honestly it didn’t even hurt, then Dr Yalda had to smooth the filler on my cheeks as the filler is mouldable for the following 20 minutes and then that was it! waa laaaa it was simple enough, the botox had the same effect to be honest a sharp little prick in the following areas I wanted then it was done! Dr Yalda did explain botox takes 2 weeks to take effect, two weeks later I am very happy and I know cant frown but my skin looks tight and flawless, Im extremely happy with the treatments and I feel more confident, my makeup certainly looks more flawless!

Dr Yalda  specialises in Medical Aesthetics, Dermal fillers, plasma pen, skin rejuvenation and anti wrinkle injections

She has a little clinic in Wollaton/Nottingham and is also a mentor with the Harley academy she can carry out these treatments London way!

her website is-   

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Chloe x