The best foundation for Winter and Brides


Everyone excited for Christmas yet!?… I am!!

Anyway lets move on or this would be a blog of me telling you guys that I love Christmas.

Having trouble finding a flawless foundation for your winter skin then look no further and read on.

I was recently employed as head makeup artist for a bridal catwalk show in Chelsea where I carried out makeup looks on the models for the day. I began to really love this particular foundation and made me think this is the one! (Of course I have it in my kit and I have worked with the brand for a long time) Okay shall I spill the beans as they say!?…. It’s Chantecaille £77 at Amazon!

This product is called Future Skin for a damn good reason too. It’s a gel foundation for a super glowing flawless look, it’s an oil free formula that also includes a soy based plant collagen creating that smooth looking skin. It’s enriched with botanicals including chamomile and rosemary it truly calms the skin!

It also includes green tea extract so it’s great for keeping the redness at bay. It’s a cruelty free foundation and Chantecaille really care about animals and a percentage of some of their sales goes to funds to help endangered animals. The foundation also is gluten free no sulphates, palm oils or dyes.

They have a range of colours so you will find a colour to match your skin for sure! The foundation is beautiful a great one for brides also as many of my clients go on to then purchase this product! Their skincare is also very superb and smells amazing it’s worth the money

I have uploaded several pictures of brides lately all wearing Chantecaille foundation.

Thanks for reading and see you next week with another post.

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